Indo-US symposium on "Genomic insights into Human Morphogenesis: Prenatal, Postnatal and Molecular Dysmorphology" and First conference of Society for Indian Academy of Medical Genetics
Dates & Venue: 7th – 9th November 2014, BM Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad, India
The first annual SIAMG meeting and Indo-US symposium on Genomic insights into Human Morphogenesis: Prenatal, Postnatal and Molecular Dysmorphology was held at Hyderabad from 7th to 9th November. The academic event saw a conglomeration of distinguished international and Indian faculty. The academic sessions covered a myriad of topics from Developmental Dysmorphology, Syndrome Diagnosis, Prenatal Diagnosis, Genetic counseling, Molecular genetics, Next Generation sequencing and many more. More than 100 delegates attended the academic proceedings. A workshop on Molecular cytogenetics was also conducted as a pre-conference event and was attended by 30 participants. The meeting was distinguished by Dr SS Aggarwal oration delivered by Dr John Carey, Editor of the American Journal of Medical Genetics and Clinical Geneticist, University of Utah, USA and the presentation of the first Dr SS Aggarwal young scientist award to Dr Sumit Paliwal from Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology for his work on Tropical calcific pancreatitis. The event was appreciated by all the attendees and SIAMG lauded for its ongoing contribution towards the field of Medical Genetics in India.

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