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  This 29 day-old female baby was referred for evaluation of hand and foot
anomalies noted since birth. She was born at term gestation and had a normal
birth weight. The feeding and activity were normal and there were no other
significant systemic complaints.

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Answer to PhotoQuiz 26
Amniotic band sequence (OMIM#217100)
Amniotic band sequence (amniotic rupture sequence) is a morphologic defect resulting from disruption i.e. interruption of the normal embryonic developmental process. Amnion rupture leads to formation of amniotic bands, which in turn results in a range of clinical manifestations from minor anomalies (constriction rings around the digits) to lethal anomalies (facial clefts, anencephaly, amputation of digits/arm/leg, joint contractures etc). Various theories have been proposed as the underlying cause including vascular anomalies to germ disc disruption. The reported incidence of amniotic band sequence is 1 in 1,200 to 1 in 15,000 live-births. Prognosis depends on the extent of involvement (digits to internal organs). Most cases are sporadic with no risk of recurrence, although there are few reports of familial occurrence.
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