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Policy of the journal regarding reproduction of published material:

1. Articles already published in other journals should not be submitted to Genetic Clinics. Manuscripts submitted to Genetic Clinics should not contain photographs, figures, tables, images and other artwork already published in another journal, without obtaining written permission of that journal. The permission document, if obtained, should be enclosed with the submission. The manuscript should contain only original work done by the authors. Plagiarism is strictly not permitted.

2. Authors should sign and submit the Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) once an article is accepted for publication in the journal. The CTA form is available on the journal website.

3. Following publication, the journal owns the copyright for the paper and the authors are not permitted to submit the paper to another journal for publication.

4. A paper published in Genetic Clinics should not be submitted and presented as an abstract/ scientific paper (poster/ oral paper) in any conference. However, the published data may be presented in invited talks and lectures, with the reference of the publication mentioned.

5. A case report published in Genetic Clinics cannot be submitted for publication to another journal. However, if the authors wish to include some details of the published case in a case series, they may do so by clearly mentioning that the case was previously published as a case report and clearly cite the reference of the publication in Genetic Clinics. In this context, the authors may mention only select details of the case, as relevant to the case series (for example the mutation identified etc.). The clinical photographs and figures published in the original case report cannot be reproduced.

6. Original research papers published in Genetic Clinics cannot be submitted for publication to another journal. If however, the authors include some of the data in another paper dealing with a different perspective of the same study population, the authors should clearly state this in the manuscript and cite the reference of the publication in Genetic Clinics.

7. Photographs, figures, tables, cartoons, images and other artwork published in Genetic Clinics cannot be reproduced in another publication without obtaining formal permission from the journal. If permission is granted, this should be clearly stated in the manuscript as: 'Originally published in the paper (followed by reference of the publication in Genetic Clinics); reproduced with permission of Genetic Clinics'
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