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Genetic Clinics

Genetic Clinics is a quarterly publication under patronage of the Society for Indian Academy of Medical Genetics (SIAMG). This was started as a newsletter by a small group of medical geneticists in India with the aim of educating colleagues in the specialty and the related medical fields about the recent advances in genetics as applied to the practice of clinical medicine. Genetic Clinics aims to publish state of art reviews for the practicing physician (Genevista), not so new, but practically important case reports (Clinical Vignette) and the not so rare pictures of genetic conditions as a quiz. In addition, the journal review (genexpress) aims to inform the geneticists about the recent advances in the field. It also has a regular editorial and wishes to publish all types of articles in the related fields.
Aimed at serving one of the objectives of SIAMG (Teach), the full contents are made available online free and interested readers can request an alert for the contents, that will be published quarterly. The society and the editorial board invites all comments and suggestions that can help to improve the contents.

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