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GeNeToon : An Ode to a Chromosome - by a Cytogenetics Trainee

Black and white little banded bar,
How I wonder what you are
Down through the microscope I gaze,
Trying to focus through the haze
How do I identify each one in this mix,
Amongst the chromosomes forty and six

There you lie inconspicuously on the slide,
Looking insignificant but encompassing the genome wide
Within your recesses, in each fold,
The entire code of life you hold
A little less here, a little more there,
Can make the whole system go haywire

Please oblige, help me correctly identify,
Stop at the right length in metaphase and comply
Show me clearly your centromere and each band,
Don't bend over, as straight as possible please stand
If only you'd stay true to the textbook prototype,
I wouldn't have to struggle so, to get a good karyotype.

(Based on real life experiences)
- By Dr. Prajnya Ranganath
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