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Volume 11 | Issue 1 | January to March 2018

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January to March 2018| Vol 11 | Issue 1 | Page No 1
'Para-learning' of Medical Genetics
I am glad to see the progress of Medical Genetics in India. The tremendous developments in deciphering the genome and identifying the phenotypic effects of genomic variations have brought genetics to the clinics. The diagnosis and management of hard-core genetic disorders namely monogenic disorders and chromosomal disorders have got a big leap due to genomic techniques like next generation sequencing and microarray. The same techniques have revolutionized research and patient care of cancers, multifactorial disorders and infectious disorders also, thus causing a paradigm shift in
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January to March 2018| Vol 11 | Issue 1 | Page No 2-19
In this special issue of Genetic Clinics, we are publishing the 30 best abstracts selected from the ones that were submitted for the Fourth National Conference of SIAMG (SIAMCON 2017), held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on 8th and 9th December, 2017. These abstracts were selected based on the scores given by the experts who judged these papers during the conference. These thirty abstracts are published here in no particular order.
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January to March 2018| Vol 11 | Issue 1 | Page No 20
This 3-year-old girl presented with bilateral congenital talipes equino varus, multiple joint contractures, distinctive facial appearance and normal intellect...

Sharon Daphne Menezes, Amita Moirangthem
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Indo-US Symposium on Human Genetic Disorders of Prenatal and Postnatal Growth & Fourth National Conference of the Society for Indian Academy of Medical Genetics

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