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October-December 2015 | Vol. 8 | Issue 4 | Page No 6-11
Mendelian Disease Gene Identification and Diagnosticsusing Targeted Next Generation Sequencing
Daniel Trujillano 1∗, Rami Abou Jamra 1 and Arndt Rolfs 1,2
Centogene AG, Rostock, Germany | 􀬝Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration, Medical University Rostock, Rostock, Germany
Address for Correspondence Email: daniel.trujillano@centogene.com
During the last few months we have observed for the first time since the introduction of the first massive parallel sequencers in 2007, that the cost of sequencing a human genome has not changed significantly (Figure 1) [Wetterstrand., 2015]. These numbers challenge a trend that has been maintained during years beating Moore’s law, and indicates that in the medium term we should not expect sequencing to be significantly cheaper until the next technological revolution
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