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January to March 2018| Vol 11 | Issue 1 | Page No 1
'Para-learning' of Medical Genetics
I am glad to see the progress of Medical Genetics in India. The tremendous developments in deciphering the genome and identifying the phenotypic effects of genomic variations have brought genetics to the clinics. The diagnosis and management of hard-core genetic disorders namely monogenic disorders and chromosomal disorders have got a big leap due to genomic techniques like next generation sequencing and microarray. The same techniques have revolutionized research and patient care of cancers, multifactorial disorders and infectious disorders also, thus causing a paradigm shift in medical practice. We are glad that these exciting developments in technology and the scientific and clinical expertise to use it are now available in India. The reflection of the progress was obvious in the posters and presentations in the Annual conference of the Society for Indian Academy of Medical Genetics (SIAMG) held recently in Thiruvananthapuram.

The medical practitioners hence have to update themselves to this new platform of clinically applicable knowledge. The pace of development is too fast even for medical geneticists to keep themselves updated. 'Genetic Clinics' is working incessantly to disseminate knowledge pertaining to latest developments in medical genetics to interested doctors, students and scientists. The articles on clinically applicable aspects of diagnosis and management of genetic disorders as well as scientific marvels are presented in an easy-to-read fashion. It aims to give an overview of the latest developments in clinical genetics and genomic diagnosis, to make one interested and excited about the field. Most of the topics chosen are on clinical aspects and will make one comfortable in approaching patients and families with genetic disorders. The articles about use of latest technology for diagnostic purposes are meant to clarify the principles of the test and hence, provide the clinician the power to order the test in the appropriate situation and interpret results with a good understanding of the limitations. Pre-test and post-test counseling are extremely important in the pre and post-natal evaluation of genetic disorders. Addition of Photo quiz, GeNeXpress and 'HearToHearTalk' and cartoons/ poems is done to improve learning and add fun to the learning process.

This is a special issue of Genetic Clinics in which instead of the regular features, the abstracts of the papers presented in SIAMGCON 2017 in Trivandrum are being published. Close to 80 papers were submitted for the conference and based on the scores given by the judges, abstracts of the 30 best papers are being published in this issue.

'Genetic Clinics' provides an overview of genomic medicine and the opportunity to update oneself on clinically relevant topics. The objective is to enthuse the medical fraternity in India about genetics, so that they continue to learn with 'Genetic Clinics' in the future. I feel that reading of 'Genetic Clinics' can be compared with paragliding over the beautiful landscape of genomic medicine and I am sure everyone will continue to enjoy this 'para-learning' experience in 2018.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Shubha R Phadke
1st January, 2018
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