GeneTOP – an Online Training Course in Medical Genetics
Medical genetics is playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases / disorders. Keeping in mind the rapidly increasing knowledge in the field as well as its growing importance for the practitioners as well as students, The Indian Academy of Medical Genetics (IAMG) is conducting an Online Training Course - GeneTOP. This course covers all relevant topics - from basics to advanced - and is aimed at improving the knowledge and understanding of practitioners and students alike.

There are 57 topics covered under 4 modules, namely:
1. Basic Genetics and Genomics
2. Clinical Genetics
3. Personalized, predictive and preventive medicine including newborn screening
4. Advances in therapeutics including gene editing

A team of 16 expert faculty from across the country has contributed to this course. Each topic has a video of around 30 minutes and an optional set of 5 MCQs to ensure that the important take-home messages are understood. Presentations have been kept lucid & crisp so as to appeal to diverse audience with interest in medical genetics and will prove extremely useful to medical practitioners across specialties as well as students.

IAMG is pleased to offer GeneTOP – an online training course in medical genetics – FREE OF COST.


Dr. Ashwin Dalal Dr. Neerja Gupta
President, IAMG Course co-ordinator, GeneTOP
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